Michal Piasecki is a PhD student at Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London. His supervisors are Sean Hanna and Peter Bentley.

Download a PhD research abstract: An Evolutionary Approach to Mass Customization of Products.

Research agenda:

This research focuses on means of browsing through multidimensional solution spaces in search for solutions to ill-defined problems. It aims at devising algorithms capable of eliminating the problem of mass confusion or the paradox of choice in mass customization of products over the internet. It is proposed that an evolutionary approach to mass customization may be a solution to these problems. To confirm this hypothesis, evolutionary product configurators are being developed and tested online.


Piasecki M. and Hanna S. (2010), A Redefinition of The Paradox of Choice, presented on the Design Computing Cognition conference 2010 (DCC’10) in Stuttgart, Germany.

Piasecki M. and Hanna S. (2009), Review of B2C Online Product Configurators, presented on MCPC’09, 5th World Mass Customization and Personalization, Helsinki, Finland.


Breeding Objects Exepriment 01 (January 20 – February 17, 2010) was a comparison of two types of B2C online configurators of products. One type of configurators enabled the users to customize products through selection of meaningful configurations. Users where effectively breeding the solutions with an aid of artificial selection in genetic algorithms. The other set enabled them to change the levels of product attributes directly, through slider-bar menu.

More information is available at research category.

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