Michal Piasecki runs a consulting practice in the field of computationally aided design and manufacturing since 2009. He creates custom software, scripts and parametric models which aid generation, managment and production of complex geometry. He engages in interdisciplinary work across the fields of architecture, product and graphic design. Prior to starting his practice Michal worked as an architect and graduated from Warsaw School of Architecture, Iaac in Barcelona and Msc Adaptvie Architecture and Computation at the Bartlett in London.

Michał Piasecki prowadzi działalność konsultingową w dziedzinie komputerowego wspomagania projektowania i wytwarzania od 2009 roku. Tworzy niestandardowe oprogramowanie, skrypty i modele parametryczne, które umożliwiają generowanie, zarządzanie i optymalizację złożonych form. Zajmuje się interdyscyplinarnymi projektami na styku architektury, projektowania produktu i grafiki. Przed rozpoczęciem własnej działalności Michał pracował jako architekt i ukończył Wydział Architektury na Politechnice Warszawskiej, Iaac w Barcelonie oraz Msc Adaptvie Architecture and Computation na Bartlett w Londynie.

Custom tools for generation, management and production of complex geometry
Parametric modeling, programing and scripting for designers
Environmental and structural analysis
Digtial fabrication consulting
Configurators for mass customization

Aleksandra Wasilkowska
Estudio Lamela Polska
Joris Laarman Lab
Plus8 Architekci
Robert Majkut Design
MWM Architekci
NEX Architecture
Super Super

Podstawowe Funkcje Zyciowe, Poznan, 10.2012 – 11.2012
Awangarda Jutra?, Wroclaw, 07.2012
Biennale of Interior Design, Cracow, 03.2012
MEED, Budapest, 03.2012
Ambiente, Frankfurt, 02.2012
Awangarda Jutra?, Warsaw, 12.2011
Experimental Architecture, Weimar, 12.2011
Blickfang, Vienna, 11.2011
Awangarda Jutra?, Lodz, 10.2011
London Design Festival, 100% Futures, London, 09.2011
DMY, Berlin, 05.2011
Experimental Architecture, Szczecin, 11.2010
Spontenous Schooling, London, 06.2010

Advanced parametric design, Wroclaw
Custom parametric modeling workshop for Estudio Lamela Polska, Warsaw
Parametric design and digital fabrication workshop, Wroclaw
Processing tutorials at Msc AAC at the Bartlett in London
Digital fabrication tutorials at ASK course at the Warsaw School of Architecture
Custom parametric modeling workshop for MWM Architekci, Rzeszow
Generative Components workshop with Przemek Jaworski, Wroclaw
Processing tutorials at Msc AAC at the Bartlett in London
Processing for mass customization workshop, Lund
Parametric modeling and CAM technologies with Workshops Factory, Warsaw
Parametric modeling in GC with Workshops Factory, Warsaw
Processing tutorials at Msc AAC at the Bartlett in London
Rhino scripting with Workshops Factory, Warsaw


5 thoughts on “about

  1. beautiful work, very impressive (sorry for my english!).
    I have a question for you, maybe you can help me.
    I started using Processing, I created several sketches but I do not know how to use this sketches in continuous sequence with projector (same sketches interact with sounds plyed live by me).
    know a way?

    thanks a world!

  2. Hello,
    my name is theodore and I am thinking of studying in the AAC at the bartlett.I am studying physics though,do you think that my backround would be a problem for me to
    accomplish this msc?Furthermore do you think that there are enough possibilities for me to find a job and be absorbed in the market?

    thank you in advance

  3. Michal
    I think there is something fundamentally interesting about your attraction videos and the idea of parametric modelling at a more fundamental level. I trust you see this work being relevant to nanoparticles and the intrinsic construction of objects around structural codes (ie parameters). Have you any more information?


    1. Hi Mike,

      Many thanks for your comment. The attraction simulations posted on the site are based on algorithms mimicking the movement of a flock of birds. They are rooted in the idea of complex systems or collective intelligence if you like, so this connects them to many other nautral phenomena, which are formed or guided by a similar logic. Perhaps this kind of logic may also be present on a nano level.

      All the best,


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