mass customization at Tent London

I was reading about how everything will soon be user generated during the morning coffee (quite a compelling vision indeed) and then I saw two mass-customization projects at Tent London. Should I say, “only two”? Anyway, here they are:

A Little Extra Space by Lucy Helme is an “algorithmically generated garden building”. And it was a very nice feeling to adjust it with the five sliders in real time. It’s just a pity that there was no way to save the changes and create some sort of breed of customizations. Maybe it would turn out that in the morning people customize differently than in the afternoon? It would be interesting to see in any case.

Another one is less architectural. Sound Chaser by Yuri Suzuki gives the end-users the possibility of assembling their own “track” on which the sound player then rides (pretty much like a toy-train) and plays the “composed” piece.

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